Liquid Contributors


Liquid Contributors

Ritu Singhal (Publisher)

Ritu Singhal trained as a Textile designer at Sophia Bombay and co-founded Group Ritu, which has interests in publishing, consulting, marketing, e-learning and private equity.

Rajiv Singhal (Editor)

Rajiv Singhal studied Economics at Yale and simplifies access to the Indian market for clients. Rajiv’s pioneering actions since 1997 opened the wine market in India.

Radhika Tandon (Managing Editor)

Radhika Tandon is a freelance travel writer, editor-at-large and author of English textbooks. She was formerly an arts journalist in London.

Annamaria Somogyi

Annamaria Somogyi, a diplomat, is the wife of the former Hungarian Ambassador to India. She started the T-Club in India in 2017.

Gautam Raj

Gautam Raj is a corporate advisor and incubating anew baby – Zenia Living. An inveterate traveller, he was born in Patna, educated in England and lives in Delhi.

Nandita Kaushik

Nandita Kaushik is a creative writer, content writer, blogger and poet who fell in love with words at age 9.

Nikhil Merchant

Nikhil Merchant is a Mumbai-born foodie, restaurateur & writer (Nonchalant Gourmand) who lives in Los Angeles.

Raphaella Holstaine

Raphaella Holstaine is French and lives in Gurugram. A luxury afficionado, she blogs and writes poetry.

Rie Yoshitake

Rie Yoshitake is a sake promoter and consultant, and the UK representative for the Sake Samurai and the Japan Sake and Shochu Association.

Shalini Virmani

Shalini Virmani is a hotelier by choice, interior designer by profession, poet and author by passion, and wine & spirit aficionado for love.

Stuart George

Stuart George graduated from Warwick and is a WSET Diploma in Wines & Spirits since 2000. An awarded wine writer, he has tasted vintages back to 1780.

Anita Rao Kashi

Anita Rao Kashi is a Bangalore based journalist and writer who enjoys the unexpectedness of travel and the adventure of tasting new food and drink.

Devyani Aggarwal

Devyani Aggarwal, a JD candidate at UC Berkeley Law School and Yale graduate, is exploring her interests in art, fashion, luxury and lifestyle.


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